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Using CanImage

This small manual let you know the most important CanImage functionnality. If you don't find answers to your questions, read the FAQ may help you, you'll be able to view our answers to others questions and ask yours.


CanImage is a sidebar that allows you to view an image and modify her. The image can be catch from many different sources than sent to any target.

Image sources

Inside web pages

By right clicking on any image, video, canvas youcan retrieve the displayed graphics inside CanImage. You just have to choose the right context menu entry and activate it.

From CanImage menu

By opening the CanImage sidebar (fromt the add-on bar or the View> Sidebar> CanImage main menu entry), you'll access to a menu allowing you to get image from your hard drive and the clipboard (copîed before inside web pages, mails or image edition softwares).

Available modifications

Once you image is opened, your can make some basical changes to her like : vertical/horizontal flip, zoom in/out, right/left rotate, brightness adjustements, contrast increase/decrease, color reverse and image crop.

Image target

After your did the right modifications, you can drop your image to many targets : insert her in a form (file or text inptus), put her in your clipboard or save her on your harddrive.


With CanImage, you don't have to open a image edition software to make trvial modifications, you just do it inside Firefox and save time !

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